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19, Leen, Belgium

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Supernatural, Game of Thrones, Teen Wolf, Queer as Folk, True Blood, The Lord of The Rings, Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Daniel Sharman.

I ship Destiel like it's my job.

Other ships: Brian/Justin, Jackson/Isaac, Erik/Charles, Eric/Godric, Eric/Sookie, Arya/Gendry, Jeffrey/Demon, Marcus/Esca


Misha’s first days on twitter


well this might have been done before but I started with one panel and then I couldn’t stop! absolutely DIED over this picture and it gave me the inspiration I have been needing!

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do you ever just connect with that one fictional character even though your life is nothing like theirs somehow you just understand them completely and get what they’re going through

  castiel   yes   about me


dean’s face doing wonders in “the purge”

  dean winchester